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Welcome to Health Consumer

When I entered medicine as a profession, I was idealistic. I wanted to help people learn about their health and provide guidance when they needed to make important health decisions. I always believed my job was to translate complex medical information so that it made sense. Everyone deserves this. It gives people the best possible opportunity to make decisions that meet their needs.

Unfortunately, medicine as practiced today makes if difficult to do this. The typical office visit is brief, options and decisions are complicated, and there are competing distractions that consume our time and energy.

In addition, we now expect consumers to be more responsible for their health. But there is an overwhelming amount of health information they can access. And it is difficult for many to know what is accurate, meaningful, and relatively free of bias. What questions do you ask? How do you put it all together so that you can make a decision?

This blog is devoted to you – the consumer who is trying to make sense of health information. Although I will tend to focus on current topics, my main objective is to provide a framework on how to critically think about health information and how to approach health decisions.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions as we learn together.

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