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Asthma – Is It Letting You Down?

Asthma is a serious medical condition that affects our respiratory system. It constricts the airways, so you will find it hard to breathe. Those who have experienced asthma attacks know how difficult life can be for them. The attacks can trigger for a number of reasons. It can occur due to pollen, dust, pollution, etc. Asthma can affect our day-to-day lives if we don’t know how to control it.

Many people having asthma stays depressed most of the time because of their health condition. They often refrain themselves from social gatherings and outdoor activities. But this shouldn’t be the case. You can easily lead a normal life just by knowing how to control your asthma symptoms. You should be glad to know that celebrities like David Beckham, Roland Schoeman, and others have asthma; yet they have achieved great things in life. If they can do it, then so can you. Here are some tips that can help you to lead a comfortable life, despite having asthma.

Breathe properly

Most asthma patients find it hard to breathe sometimes. You should practice breathing exercises so that the function of your lungs improves. Take a deep breath, hold it there for sometimes and then exhale slowly. Practice this a few times and you will see that you feel much better. You can do this breathing exercise every day in the morning before starting your day.

Take preventive medication

Visit a doctor, and he or she will prescribe you preventive medicines. You must keep these medications and inhaler with you always. So, if you see any symptom of an asthma attack, you can use your inhaler or take medicine right away.

Do exercise regularly

Though exercise can induce asthma attacks, so can obesity. So, you must exercise to be fit and healthy. There are some asthma-friendly exercises that you can try. These include swimming, walking, bicycling, playing golf and weightlifting. You can easily control your breathing in all these exercises. If the weather is bad, you should try exercising indoors.

Though it is not possible to cure asthma completely, by learning how to manage the condition, you will be able to lead a perfectly healthy life. It is a misconception that asthma will slow you down. You can do everything just by knowing what triggers your asthma attack and how to prevent it. Go to a doctor and diagnose your condition to get a treatment plan for your asthma.

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